Camping With Toddlers — You Can Do It, and You Can Still Have Fun, Too!

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Don’t let tight finances put an end to your family vacation. There are plenty of ways to enjoy days off work — and away from home — without breaking the bank, and with infants and/or toddlers in tow, too! Camping is a great way to kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors — and it’s a viable option for relatively new parents, too. “If you enjoy camping and nature, don’t be intimidated to bring infants and toddlers with you. Yes, it will be more challenging than it used to be, but isn’t life?” The Travel Channel continues. Here are some ways to make the most of your camping trip with young kids:

Look Before You Leap

The key to a successful camping trip with infants and/or toddlers is easing into it. Chances are, spending your first trip with young ones roughing it — with nothing but a tent and a sleeping bag to your name — isn’t going to go well. Ease young kids into it with folding campers, small campers, or RV rentals. If money is tight, there are plenty of gently used campers to choose from. You can also save by choosing RV rentals. Some rentals also come with RV insurance to protect you and cover costs, if anything unexpected should happen.

Don’t Forget This Essential Item

“Take a pack n’ play. Otherwise it’s just dirt — they’re eating dirt, sniffing dirt up their noses,” mother Lori Schilling-Davis advises. “She says the pack n’ play serves 2 purposes: a bed for sleeping and a playpen where they can watch what’s going on around camp,” The Travel Channel adds. A portable playpen will give you the opportunity to set up camp and make dinner without worrying.

Always Put Your Child’s Safety First

It is critical to remember when your child is most safe — when he or she is under your supervision. Camp reservations officers remind parents to never leave their children alone (even momentarily!) — and warns parents not to assume kids will be safe if they are out of sight.

Enjoy a relaxing — and inexpensive — family vacation by camping with young kids. Ease into it with RV rentals and RV insurance, pack a portable playpen to keep infants out of the dirt, and supervise young children at all times. Find more on this topic here:

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