Three Tips to Find the Best Financing for Your Furniture

Where to find cheap furniture

Finding high-quality discount furniture can sometimes be tough — so when you find a great piece of furniture for less, it’s understandable to want to take it home no matter your financial situation.

Luckily, most stores offer a variety of furniture on finance plans that make any piece of furniture affordable for your budget.

Here’s an easy guide to find the best furniture financing plan for you:

– If you have a bad credit score, try seeking financing from a smaller furniture store: Normally, larger, national furniture chains will refuse financing for customers with poor credit scores. Small, local furniture stores and outlets are more likely to offer you furniture on finance plans that will make your dreams of furnishing your home a reality.

– Save up for a large down payment: The bigger your down payment, the better chances you have of getting a favorable interest rate when you purchase furniture on finance. A large down payment shows furniture stores that you’re serious about your purchase and will take your monthly payments seriously as well.

– Expect to potentially sign a wage assignment: If you have bad credit, furniture stores may only agree to sell you furniture on finance if you sign a wage assignment. If you default on your loan, a wage assignment allows lenders to take payments from your paychecks. In most cases, you can get furniture on finance without having to sign one of these documents, but they’re important to keep in mind as you begin shopping for furniture.

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