Transform the Way You Sleep With Adjustable Beds

Best adjustable beds

Did you know that sleeping on a flat mattress may be increasing your pain levels? If you suffer from one the leading issues that keep people awake (namely, pain in your back and neck, TMJ, or bad headaches), your regular mattress might be contributing to how bad you feel when you wake up or your pain during the day. The new mattress topper or a larger bed probably won’t help your pain. However, one type of bed that you may not have heard of might just be the solution to your problems.
Hospitals are the most common place you can find this type of bed: adjustable beds. The slight incline that they provide either at the top or bottom of the bed keeps you from contorting your body while you sleep into uncomfortable positions and prevents pain you didn’t want in the first place. A leading brand of adjustible beds is Craftmatic® Adjustible Beds, which have been in existence for over 40 years. They’ve sold over 1.1. million beds, many of which come with heat or massage options. These extra options may help ease the following complaints:

  • low back pain
  • minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or overexertion
  • edema or swelling of the legs
  • poor local blood circulation of the legs
  • symptoms of hiatus hernia
  • nighttime heartburn
  • symptoms of gastric reflux

Another way that an extra heating accessory can ease pain is by giving a person temporary relief from mild arthritis or muscle pain that’s related to stress or tension during the day. The incline on these adjustable beds lets people sleep in a more upright position, which can help reduce or ease light and occasional snoring. For those who have sleep apnea (and for their spouses), looking at adjustible beds might be the way to go.
Reasons to Consider Buying An Adjustable Bed
If you’ve ever wondered why you toss and turn in the middle of the night, it may very well be because you’re trying to ease pressure and pain on certain parts of your body in your sleep. This pain is often caused by your flat mattress, which doesn’t offer the right kind of support for your back and other areas of your body. However, because of its incline, an adjustable bed can (and does) ease that pressure, according to the National Sleep Foundation. There are many different sizes of adjustable beds, like king size adjustable beds or a twin adjustable bed, so it’s sure to fit your needs.
Where to Find Adjustable Beds
Mattress stores and department stores are excellent places to go find an adjustable bed, especially if you want to test it out yourself. If you know a specific brand of adjustable bed you want, you can often order from their website or go to their physical retail store, if they have one near year. Online is another good resource if you’re looking for a discounted bed.
Don’t let yourself fall asleep in pain. You deserve a good night’s sleep that lets you wake up pain free and ready for your day. Look into an adjustable bed and improve your quality of sleep within hours.

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