Using a Tree Stump Grinder

Do you have a tree stump that needs stump grinding? Are you tired of not being able to get rid of your stump? This video shows you how to use a simple method- a stump grinder. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive option.

You can purchase or rent a stump grinder from a local home improvement store, or you can find a local tree removal service. Either way, it typically takes a couple of hours to remove a tree stump.

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Even more time would be needed if the stump is large. Make sure to protect yourself when working with work boots and safety gear. The first step to get started is to trim the stump closer to the ground with a chainsaw. This can help speed up the process. Next, dig up the rocks around the base of the tree stump to prevent damaging the grinder. Drive the grinder close to the stump and start the engine. Always stand at the control panel at the rear. Lower the wheel a couple of inches into the stump and move it in side-by-side movements. Avoid using it in the presence of children or pets, or flammable liquids and dust.

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