Got Old Clothes Or Unwanted Furniture? Call For A Donation Pick-Up!

Organizations that accept clothing donations

When’s the last time you put on a shirt only to find out it didn’t fit you anymore? While it can seem like a waste of your money, the truth of the matter is that there are many uses you can get out of clothes you don’t need. Charity donation is an essential and thriving industry that relies on people recycling everything from clothes they no longer need to knickknacks clogging up the garage in order to support their environment. Does your daughter have toys they no longer play with? Look up your local charity pick up! Charity does everything from free up your living spaces to helping people in need. It even reduces national waste! Look below to learn a bit more about charitable donations in the United States and how you can be part of a greater force for good.

The average American buys ten pounds of used clothing every year and is a common option to turn to for those on a budget, such as college students and families in need. The textile recycling industry provides the United States with over 16,000 jobs and workers handle everything from refurbishing, recycling, delivery and more. The environment also feels the effects of charitable clothing donations, as a whopping 90% of clothing and textiles thrown out could’ve been recycled in 2011 alone! Clothing and general textile waste can reach as high as 12 million pounds per year and every little effort goes a long way in counteracting it.

If you’ve got items you’re not using anymore, consider visiting a local charity and dropping them off. Make sure your clothes are gently used and any toys or furniture have minimal scratches and denting (remember, people are going to be buying your unwanted items!). If you find your busy schedule is conflicting with the ability to donate, you can always call for local donation pick ups. It’s as simple as setting your items outside your door and calling them over. Giving to charity has never been easier with local donation pick ups and you’ll find everything from your newly refurbished living spaces to the environment thanking you!

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