Three Vital Truths Regarding Assisted Living Homes

Senior citizen housing

There are many misconceptions regarded assisted living homes. In the media, assisted living facilities are often displayed at unsafe, and unhappy communities where seniors essentially go to die. However, that could not be further from the truth. In most assisted living homes, the facility’s caretakers are committed to providing resident the most positive senior housing experience possible. Approximately seven out of 10 individuals over 65 will require some sort of long-term care in the future. Making sure seniors know the facts and are sure of their future choices is tantamount in ensuring a positive future of eldercare for seniors.

No Two Assisted Living Home is the Same
Many people believe that assisted living facilities are homogeneous; however, no two assisted living facility is the same. While some senior living facilities offer comprehensive care, many promote independent senior housing, enabling residents to choose how much independence they have, based upon their needs.

Assisted Living Isn’t Just for the Elderly
While it is often the elderly that enter assisted living homes, it is also available for individuals who are terminally ill and no longer able to care for themselves. As previously stated, all facilities are unique. To find out if you assisted living facility of choice caters non-elderly persons, call and schedule a meet-and-greet.

Assisted Living Homes are Positively Received
While the media loves to proliferate negative ideas about assisted living, the truth is, many seniors report being extremely satisfied with their new living situations. According to recent surveys, 89.3% of individuals living in assisted living rate their experience as good, and even excellent. In a different survey, approximately 85% of residents would recommend their own facility to someone else.

Entering assisted living is a big decision for anyone. But knowing the facts helps to make an educated decision, making the transition into the next big part of life a smooth one.

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