How to Help Military Families and Veterans During the Holidays

Charitable donations

The holidays are a perfect time to show your appreciation and support for military families and veterans. As we celebrate with our families and loved ones this holiday season, it’s important to remember that many military families will also be celebrating without some of their loved ones, who are either deployed or have died in combat. Many veterans who are living residential homes or are in hospitals will be celebrating the holidays alone. However, showing military support and giving back to the community is easier than ever.

There are several local, regional, and national organizations that help military families year round. Like many Americans, you may be eager to make a charitable donations but are unsure of how to go about doing so or what kind of donation is best. Contact a VA or military charity in your area to find out how. During the holiday season, VA and military charities often have drives in which they may request specific veterans donations, such as non-perishable food and clothing donations. There are several organizations and charities that pick up veterans donations directly from your home.

However, veterans donations don’t always have to be a physical, tangible item. Donating your time by volunteering is an excellent way to contribute. You can volunteer at a charity by putting together care packages, serving meals at holiday veterans charity event, or spend time with a recovering veteran in a hospital or treatment facility. Or simply say thank you to veteran by buying him or her a cup of coffee or a meal.

Kindness and happiness are contagious, especially during the holiday season. No form of donating or volunteering is better than the other; all efforts make a difference and are appreciated.

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