Donate That Used Clothing That You Don’t Wear Anymore

Looked in your closet lately to be overwhelmed by the amount of clothes that are sitting in there, unused and unwanted? Don’t know what to do with those items anymore? Clothing donations are a great way to get rid of those used items that you’re just not sure what to do with anymore. If you find yourself considering throwing those clothes away in trash bags, take a step back first, American Red Cross clothing donations is an outlet in need of those pesky items that are preventing you from buying more.

Are you part of the 70% of people who give to charity each year? You should be, there are millions of Americans who could use those items that you no longer feel the need to put on. Items that at one point in time may have been among your favorite things to wear could have a second chance at being someone’s favorite items once again. Instead of letting those once favorite items go to waste, give them to individuals who could really use the tee shirts, sweatshirts, coats, and pants that may not be able to afford them otherwise.

Did you know that Americans take in more than 20 billion garments every year? Imagine that amount of clothing being bought, what becomes of the clothing that is replaced? So many pieces end up at the landfill, taking up space that there wasn’t for it to begin with. Instead of clogging up those places with more items of clothing that don’t very easily designate, American Red Cross clothing donations is a great opportunity that gives back to the community and benefits those who give their items away as well.

It is a common known fact that clothes donations are in fact a beneficial tax write off that can help you to gat that little boost when it comes to tax time. American Red Cross donations count toward that tax break that will give you money back come tax season. So long as you keep all of your slips you’re not only benefiting individuals who couldn’t afford items before, but you’re putting that hard earned money back into your own pocket to go out and buy more items to refill that closet and do this whole donation all over again.

The number of homeless in the United States seems to grow by the thousands if not millions each year. There are so many individuals who rely on American Red Cross clothing donations in order to keep warm and survive through the inclement weather. These matters should be help in swaying your decision into being able to donate old clothing and giving to individuals who could truly use the items most.

If none of this is enough, there is also the fact that when you decide to go through your clothes and bring your items to a clothing donation center you free up space in your closet and draws for new items. With how fast styles change you of course don’t want to be stuck with last years fashions. Go through your closet and get rid of those old clothes that have been taking up space so that you can make room for the new items.

American Red Cross clothing donations is a great way to give yourself some space and to give back to a community that could truly use your donations. Don’t hold onto items that you don’t need anymore, instead give yourself the freedom and the room to buy new items and give to those who could truly use the ones that you no longer need yourself.

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