Why Walking Sticks Matter

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The risk of a fall as we grow older becomes increasingly high — and the impact of such falls is equally increased. As much as a quarter of all seniors in America experience falls every year and more than half of those falls occur in the home. Falls account for more than two million emergency room visits among elderly people every year; in fact, a fall resulting in an emergency room visit impacts a senior every 11 seconds. Mobility devices can play an important role in preventing such falls.

Dizziness and unsteadiness when standing up or walking around are the top ranked causes of falls among seniors. Mobility aids like canes, walking frames and other devices can help offer the needed support. Close to 7 million U.S seniors use such devices like canes to help them with their mobility; in the 85 and older age group as much as 40% of senior citizens use mobility aids. Among over 65s, 10.2% use a cane. Of all such aids, canes are the most popular with more than 70% of users opt for canes. There are over 4.8 million cane users in the United States. More than 22.3% of people who use a walking stick state that osteoarthritis causes their mobility problems. There are over 27 million osteoarthritis sufferers in the USA, most of whom are over the age of 60.

Palm grip canes are a good choice for those with reduced hand function and with weak grips. Because of their anatomically fitted handles, they allow seniors to grip securely and use the palm grip cane for support easily and comfortably. It can help with balance, but is best suited for those who can still support their own body weight. Canes come in a variety of different options from palm grip canes and umbrella canes to seat sticks, that offer the ability to use the walking stick to sit, and folding canes.

Investing in a good mobility aid like a palm grip cane can make all the difference in the ability of the senior citizen to live independently and to avoid injuries resulting from a fall. As the American population ages, the need for increasing support for mobility issues becomes even more important. A good quality cane is an investment in peace of mind.
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