Investing in New Bedding for Your Kids? Follow These Guidelines

When buying new bedding for their children, many find themselves confronted with a lot of questions like, What thread count should you get? Do you need a mattress protector? Why do you need a mattress protector? Is a waterproof crib sheet necessary?

If this sounds all too familiar, take a step back and read some of the following guidelines first. You’ll have new sheets picked out before you know it.

A Key to Thread Counts

Not sure what route to take when it comes to thread counts? It can be confusing and hard to know whether or not spending extra money on higher thread counts is worth it. Threads are woven horizontally and vertically into the fabric, and the thread count is based on the number of these per one square inch of fabric.

If you want something that is durable and will not wear out quickly, anything from 200 thread counts to 800 thread counts is recommended. The lower the thread count, the lighter the sheet, so if you are not looking for something heavier or more dense, then 400 thread counts should be good.

Invest in a Mattress Protector

So, why do you need a mattress protector? Well, it keeps your mattress in better condition, so you will not need to purchase a new one sooner than you should. They lower the chance of experiencing water damage and stains, and they help out immensely when it comes to potty training, as well.

Waterproof bedsheets for kids, as well as potty training sheets, are also effective tools if you are trying to keep the mattress protected from a child that struggles with wetting the bed. Statistics show that 15% of 5-year-olds still struggle with this, so any extra protection is typically welcome.

What do you say if they ask, Why do you need a mattress protector? Well, if you want to save them embarrassment simply explain that it keeps the mattress protected from against allergies, dust mites, and other things that can trigger illness in children. This is completely true, and it saves you from bringing up any bed-wetting issues.

All in all, they are a solid investment and are something that will save you a lot of money and stress down the line. Taking care of a new mattress is always worth the hassle.

Find What Fits Their Personality

Picking out bedding for your children should not be a stressful process, so do your best to relax and ask you child what they would prefer, as well. This is a good opportunity for them to have fun and express their personality. Bed sheets, kids pillow cases, comforters, and more can be fun to pick out, so ask their opinion and make it a big deal.

In the end, it is all about find something safe and appropriate for your kid’s specific needs and wishes. Take a step back, have fun with the process, and in no time their room will look great with new bedding.

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