Prepare Your Pool This Summer in These 5 Easy Steps

As the summer heat intensifies, transforming your pool from its winter hibernation into a sparkling oasis becomes a perfect solution. If you’ve let your pool maintenance slide over the colder months, here’s a simple guide to get it back into pristine condition.

1. Assess the Pool’s Condition

Start by examining your pool to see if it needs a heavy-duty cleaning or just a standard spruce-up. If your pool is green and neglected, you might need to begin with a super shock treatment.

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This involves adding a large dose of chlorine to kickstart the cleaning process and restore water clarity. In cases where the pool is severely neglected, you might want to consider a professional pool drain and refill service to start fresh with clean water and ensure the best possible conditions for the summer season.

2. Clear Debris

Next, check the bottom of the pool for any leaves, sticks, or other debris. Use a net or scoop to remove any debris you find. If there is a lot of debris, you might also need to clean out the skimmer basket, which collects floating debris from the pool’s surface.

3. Inspect the Pool Pump and Filter

The pool pump and filter system are essential for keeping your water clean and clear. Make sure the pump is running smoothly and that the filter is clean. Check the pre-filter for any large debris and ensure that the sand filter is functioning correctly. If you have a saltwater chlorinator, confirm that it is in good working order—many models are self-cleaning, but some require regular maintenance.

4. Check the Skimmer Box

The skimmer box plays a crucial role in collecting floating debris and should be checked and cleaned. If you have an automatic pool cleaner, ensure it’s connected and functioning. For those using a manual cleaner, connect the hose to the skimmer box and vacuum the pool to remove any remaining debris.

5. Test the Water

Finally, test the pool water to check its chemical balance. Use test strips or a water testing kit to measure chlorine levels, pH, and sodium content. Adjust the chemicals as needed to achieve optimal water quality.

Follow these steps, and you can rest assured that your pool is ready for summer fun and relaxation. A little preparation now will lead to many enjoyable pool days ahead!


A Little Preparation Now Will Lead to Many Enjoyable Pool Days Ahead

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