Decorate your garage doors as CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!!

In this video, you will learn how to decorate your garage doors as Christmas presents. This is an attractive way to use a garage that has garage door broken springs.
To get started, you will need:
Plastic table cover
packing foam sheet
masking tape
Metallic spray paint in Gold- 2 cans
Fishing line

How to Make:

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Wrap each garage door with a plastic table cover using masking tape.
2. Open and close the door by pushing down the bottom part.
3. Create bow and ribbon using packing foam sheets
4. Use the metallic spray cans to paint the foam sheets
5. Attach ribbons using double-sided tape.
6. Cut fabric over panel gaps
7. Attach a support pad on the back of the bow and tie four strings finishing line. Use strings to adjust until right.
8. Create gift tags and stick magnetic strips at the back. Then put them up against the door.
9. Check if there’s anything not stable or working.
10. When the door is used, the ribbons need to be carefully watched and taken care of.

Keep watching this video to learn about decorating garage doors for Christmas and how to use garage door broken springs.

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