Why You Should Donate Your Used Clothes to Charity

In 2006, it was thanks to used clothing purchases that the United States kept 2.5 billion pounds of fabric out of landfills.

You may have noticed trucks or bins throughout your neighborhood dedicated to collecting old clothes to be reused. This shows the considerable importance of donating unwanted clothing, rather than simply throwing it away. Besides the environmental benefits, there are several reasons why it’s a good idea to donate clothes to charity organizations. The following are just a few such reasons.

Help Those Who Can’t Afford to Buy Clothes

Often, thrift stores operated by charity organizations offer the only possible way for disadvantaged people to buy the clothes they need. Obviously, it would be impossible for these charity organizations to do their good work if people like you were not there to generously provide the merchandise. Then, charity organizations use the money made from used clothing sales to further their own good work in other avenues, such as helping those with disabilities.

Keep Your House Organized

We all have clothes that have been sitting in our closets for months, but which we never wear for some reason or another. Perhaps we don’t like the style or the fit. These are the perfect items for donating, as they are typically in decent condition, and would help keep someone warm and clothed. By clearing out your closets once in a while, you not only put these unused items to good use — you also help eliminate clutter from your life. This can be a dramatic emotional boost since mess and clutter can cause unnecessary amounts of stress. On top of that, cluttered rooms and closets are actually a fire hazard.

Help Victims of Natural Disasters

While the Federal Emergency Management Agency says they prefer cash donations to help with disaster relief efforts, donations of old but useful clothing are also helpful. But instead of donating directly to FEMA, you can choose a great charity organization that helps disaster survivors. They will make sure your used clothes are put to good use from there.

Preserve the Environment

This is a benefit we can all get behind. When you choose to give away your used and unwanted clothing to charity organizations, instead of simply throwing them away, you help keep huge amounts of fabric out of landfills. This is a great help to the environment since disintegrating clothing can be harmful to wildlife. Worse yet, clothes made from synthetic materials never really decompose.

Additionally, by giving others the chance to reuse your old clothes, fewer new ones need to be made to fill consumer demand. This alleviates another strain on the environment, as fewer resources are required for manufacturing these clothes in the first place.

Write Off Donations on Your Tax Return

When making used clothing donations to qualifying charity organizations, you get the chance to write off your donations on your tax return. This can mean savings for you at the end of the year.

There are lots of great reasons for donating clothing to charity. Perhaps one of the best reasons why is the good feeling you’ll enjoy, knowing that those clothes won’t be taking up space in your closet anymore, and are actually doing good in the world where it’s most needed. Consider donating your clothes to Green Drop when you’re ready to help others and streamline your life.

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