How Can I Tell If A Neighborhood Is Walkable?

There’s nothing quite like a long drive through a beautiful neighborhood. But when you live an area with an ideal climate, it can feel better to walk around to get to where you need to go.

Whether you’re buying one-acre parcels or luxury real estate, it’s good to know if the neighborhood you want to move to has a good sense of walkability. But how can you tell if a neighborhood is walkable or not?

Consider the following factors to look for when you’re considering Hawaii real estate for sale.

Check out the commute

You may have already driven around the area you’re considering moving to. But have you walked around? Consider going on a stroll around the neighborhoods you like to determine just how long it actually takes for you to get to where you want to go.

Not all long commutes are terrible if you enjoy a good walk and the weather’s beautiful. But you may not always enjoy those extra steps, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re out walking, too.

Do some research on local dining spots

Another great way to determine if your ideal neighborhood is walkable, consider taking a look on Google Maps or Yelp Maps to determine which restaurants and other dining spots are within walking distance.

When you check out which dining spots are near you, you can find out whether or not you can literally step out for a bite to eat. Your neighbors will most likely be out and about, too, if restaurants are close by.

Stop by the area at different times

Once you’ve narrowed down the neighborhoods you like and you think you’ve found the ones that are most walkable, consider stopping by those neighborhoods at different times of the day throughout the week.

This way, you can check out which spots are busy during the times that you visit. Visit the area on weekdays, evenings, and weekends.

Looking for homes for sale?

If you’re looking for homes in a private residential community, you’re not alone. In fact, approximately 5.34 million existing homes and 667,000 new construction homes were sold in 2018 alone, according to data from the National Association of Realtors.

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