What You May Not Have Realized About Caring for and Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rug interior design

If you’ve been following the latest design trends in home magazines or tuning in to HGTV’s programming, you’ve probably noticed that there’s one familiar decor staple that’s making a comeback. That’s right — oriental rugs are trendy once again, and this form of carpeting is popping up everywhere. These rugs typically feature unusually thick pile of up to 160 knots per square inch and have very rich color combinations. From being a centerpiece in the dining room to making a family room extra cozy, you can class up your home with one of these beautiful and unique handmade carpets.

Yet what most people don’t realize when they jump on this trend is that Oriental rugs are incredibly delicate and usually made from either silk or wool. Because they are hand-knotted, they must be handled with care, whether they’re on display in a central location of the home or only brought out for special occasions.

As a result, caring for and cleaning Oriental rugs can be difficult without the use of a professional Oriental rug repair and cleaning service. For the most part, cleaning Oriental rugs needs to be done with special solvents, and it’s best to do this with antique rugs made from natural materials. However, even synthetic materials may need proper care, so they don’t fade or fall apart.

Fortunately, you can also take care of your rugs at home with these helpful tips:

  • Oriental rug dealers will often give you information about where your rug was made and what it’s made out of if you’re buying a truly authentic piece. Make sure you write this information down somewhere, so you have it handy when the time comes for you to get a professional Oriental rug cleaning.
  • By moving furniture around regularly, you can avoid leaving permanent dents in your furniture. If you keep something like a dining room table on your Oriental rug, make sure to move the table and chairs a few inches every now and then to avoid serious wear and tear on the carpet.
  • Don’t try to clean the rug yourself! Even supposedly “gentle” household cleaners can have disastrous effects on your rugs. Make sure that you have a professional repairing and cleaning oriental rugs for you, so they have the best chance of lasting a lifetime or more.

Whether your rugs are simply for decoration or are a priceless family heirloom, make sure they get the proper care they need and deserve. Have more questions about caring for your Oriental rugs? Ask away in the comments below or bring them to a professional.

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