You Don’t Have to Wait in Long Lines to Find the Right Preschool

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As summer comes to a close, many parents will be placing their children in a pre-kindergarten program for the first time this year. If you have been following the news you are probably aware of how competitive it can be to get into the right pre-k program. Several parents wait days in line or pay thousands of dollars to get their child into the right school. Obviously, a majority of Americans believe that preschool is a stepping stone towards greater academic and life achievements. Each day more than 5 million children attend some type of pre-k program. But choosing the best preschool doesn’t always have to entail long waits and cut throat competition.

Benefits of Preschool

Starting your child’s learning experience with pre-k has been shown to offer several benefits in regards to their development. Children who attend preschool are able to learn how to function inside of a classroom structure and also how to make decisions and follow instructions earlier. Pre-k is also good for the development of social and communication skills. Children are able to organically develop their social skills each day through play and interactions with different kids and adults. While play is an important part of the creative experience, pre-k also gives new learners an academic edge as they are able to begin pre-math, analytical and language skills before entering the more rigorous assessments of kindergarten.

Choosing the Best Preschool

It might sound obvious, but the process of finding a good preschool should start with thinking about your child’s best interest. Sometimes the most flashy and vaunted school might not be the best choice for your child or your family. In this day and age prestige seems to be a big part of selecting schools for children, but you need to asses if the school, regardless of name recognition, fits your child’s personality. Think about what environments that your child thrives in and seek those out in their first educational home. Make sure to spend time observing potential curricula, seeing which subjects are placed in emphasis. Also spend time observing the social dynamics within the classrooms and school as well. Find out how regularly the faculty initiates communication with parents. You might also want to spend a little time thinking about how your family might fit into the culture of the school as well, and if you will feel comfortable there as a parent.

According to several reports, children who attend preschool can boast a great deal of benefits which can lead to a lifetime of learning. Choosing the best preschool that will further your child’s social and academic development will take some time and patience, but it does not have to be a stress inducing situation.

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