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Camping With Toddlers — You Can Do It, and You Can Still Have Fun, Too!

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Don’t let tight finances put an end to your family vacation. There are plenty of ways to enjoy days off work — and away from home — without breaking the bank, and with infants and/or toddlers in tow, too! Camping is a great way to kick back, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors — and it’s a viable option for relatively new parents, too. “If you enjoy camping and nature, don’t be intimidated to bring infants and toddlers with you. Yes, it will be more challenging than it used to be, but isn’t life?” The Travel Channel continues. Here are some ways to make the most of your camping trip with young kids:

Look Before You Leap

The key to a successful camping trip with infants and/or toddlers is easing into it. Chances are, spending your first trip with young ones roughing it — with

New Homes v Resale Homes

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New homes in suffolk va
Having a hard time choosing between resale homes and new homes to buy on the market? Think that a new construction home is out of reach for your budget? Here are a few of the advantages of new home buying over resale buying that might make your decision a whole lot easier.

Design Flexibility. If you’re buying a new home, you can literally get involved from the ground up. Builders love to work with clients to tweak, modify, or augment existing plans, so that each buyer gets exactly the house they want and need. Plan in a home office, a home theater room, or even flexible spaces — a hobby room now could be a child’s room in the future. Ask your potential builders what kind of customization op

Five Ways to Stay Ahead of the Real Estate Marketing Game

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Did you know that nine out of 10 web users begin their sessions with a Google search? OK, it’s not always Google — sometimes it’s Yahoo, and sometimes it’s Bing — but mostly, it’s Google. As such, if you can tap into the search engine realm, you can get your site seen hundreds (if not thousands) of times more than you would if you weren’t marketing it at all on the Internet. And when you’re running a luxury real estate marketing company, the more visibility you have, the easier it is to sell your property.
Think about it: You’re selling high-end executive condominiums on the waterfront. You’ve got an arsenal of private townhouses two blocks from