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Your Guide to Giving Household Donations to Charity

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Clothes donations
By now, most people know that clothing donations are the greenest and most generous way to help their communities. Diverting clothing donations from the landfill to the closets of people in need helps eliminate around 12 million tons of waste each year and contributes to the 4.7 billion pounds of clothing donated annually. But in addition to receiving gently used clothing donations, charity organizations are also on the lookout for household items that can be reused or repurposed.
Which types of household donations can go to charity? Here are just a few items you may have that can go to a better home:
  • Furniture: When it comes to furnishing a home, many families are unable to afford the h

7 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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What is the best adjustable bed
The National Sleep Foundation, a well known sleep research institute that conducts surveys across the country, reports that nearly 15% of the American adult population suffer from serious, chronic pain that is related to sleeping in the wrong position. Additionally, they report that when anyone goes to sleep, they change positions continuously throughout the night, even when they are still sleeping, to avoid positions that trigger pain and tension that is caused by sleeping in uncomfortable ways. There are lots of bad effects of sleeping poorly and not getting a good night sleep, and one of the most horrible is chronic pain that is associated with insomnia.

If you want to improve your overall quality of life and learn some ways to get a good night sleep, there are lots of strategies

Three Tips to Simplify Your Apartment Search

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Apartment hunting
Living in an apartment has a number of attractive benefits, but most people agree that the process of apartment hunting is a different story. To find apartments that fit your lifestyle and your budget, you have to search through local apartment listings, schedule appointments, walk through different units, and get your application in before anyone else, all while managing your everyday responsibilities. However, when you find an apartment that perfectly matches all of your needs, it can all become worth it. To make the apartment hunting process easier in the meantime, however, follow the tips below.

Take Notes
As you head from listing to listing, it can be diffic

Does Your Pet Keep Destroying Your Remote Control?

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Replace remote control
After a long, stressful day handling any number of responsibilities, it can be a relief to grab your digital TV remote control and relax on the couch for a few hours. However, if you’re like many pet owners, this experience can often be marred as you wind up rummaging in your sofa cushions and checking under furniture for said remote. Eventually, you’ll find a stray button or even look up to see your dog watching you guiltily from across the room. It looks like your vision of reclining in front of the TV just disappeared: your pet has destroyed yet another remote. But why are all remotes seemingly destined to wind up as chew toys, and how can you handle this situation?

The answer to the first question involves some basic understanding of pet behavior: all animals, especially dogs, instinctively

A Short Guide to Gazebos, Pergolas, and Pool Houses

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Cupolas nj
In the throes of winter it can be easy to start fantasizing about summer parties, languishing on the lawn under a hot sun, and entertaining in the humid shade. The key to doing any of these things is having the right kind of structure — not all outdoor features are created equal. Here are three of the most common outdoor structures, how they differ, and what they’re good for.
1. Gazebos A gazebo is one of the most common outdoor structures. These are generally made of wood or a sturdy fabric like canvas. They are usually at least six-sided, which gives the structure more of a rounded look. Gazebo builders usually cover the roofs completely, so they offer a space out of the weather. Some have

Three Popular Amenities in Custom Luxury Homes

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Custom house builders
When it comes to designing luxury house floor plans, there aren’t a lot of things you can’t do. From the number of bedroom to the overall aesthetic of the front of the home to the little design details inside, one of the benefits of buying a custom home is that you have control to make your home exactly what you want to suit you and your family’s needs. Working with custom home builders is essential for doable designer home plans, but here are a few of the most popular amenities that homeowners are choosing for their custom houses.
1. Green Features One of the most common focuses in custom home designs these days is green features. Making homes e

How Long Will My Air Conditioning Repair Job Take?

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St louis heating and cooling
When you call a professional for home air conditioning repair, it’s understandable to want to know how long the repair job will take. If you live a busy life, you may not have time to stick around while heating and cooling contractors work on your home air conditioning systems. And if the weather is hot, you have even more reason to want home air conditioning repair to wrap up as quickly as possible.
As with any heating and cooling repair job, the time frame largely depends on the complexity of the repair and the systems involved.
For example, if you’re just low on refrigerant, a Continue Reading No Comments

Three Things You Need to Know About Throwing a Wedding Brunch

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Learn to play golf
One of the best things about getting married is planning the parties. There’s the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the reception — at least. If you’re looking for an easy option for any of these, wedding brunches are becoming more and more popular. With the rising popularity of Sunday brunches, it’s not hard to please guests and they’re a pretty cost-effective and simple event to throw. Here are a few things you should know.
1. Why throw a wedding brunch? Since you’re already throwing a bunch of other parties, it might be nice to have a smaller event that’s a people pleaser and will be easy to plan. Brunch i