Three Tips to Simplify Your Apartment Search

Apartment hunting

Living in an apartment has a number of attractive benefits, but most people agree that the process of apartment hunting is a different story. To find apartments that fit your lifestyle and your budget, you have to search through local apartment listings, schedule appointments, walk through different units, and get your application in before anyone else, all while managing your everyday responsibilities. However, when you find an apartment that perfectly matches all of your needs, it can all become worth it. To make the apartment hunting process easier in the meantime, however, follow the tips below.

Take Notes
As you head from listing to listing, it can be difficult to keep the various advantages and disadvantages of each apartment separate. For this reason, many apartment hunters benefit from keeping a comparison checklist with all of the initial factors that attracted them to each unit, which they can then add onto as they learn more. Snapping a few quick pictures is also helpful. Later, you can review this information to determine which apartment you saw offered the best overall living arrangement.

Ask the Tough Questions
While it is important to be polite when meeting your potential landlord, you should make sure you ask about things that will impact your experience living on their property. Ask if the window treatments or any utilities are included, if there are any parking or building amenity fees, and how much the current energy bills are. Likewise, don’t be afraid to get a little nosy: look for mold under the sink, check for odd smells and noises, test faucets, and open closets. If there are any problems or unexpected costs, you should know about them before you make a decision.

Be Ready to Make a Move
The current housing market is competitive, and you will need to move on an appealing apartment quickly. To avoid losing great places to other renters, bring all of the information you would need to fill out a standard rental application and your checkbook. This typically includes contact information for your employer, present and past landlords, your social security number and more. By having all of this information, you will be able to fill out and submit the application quickly, reducing the chances you will lose a place you really love.

What tips and tricks have you used to help your apartment hunting efforts in the past? Share them in the comments below! Helpful info also found here.

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