Transform the Way You Sleep With Adjustable Beds

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Did you know that sleeping on a flat mattress may be increasing your pain levels? If you suffer from one the leading issues that keep people awake (namely, pain in your back and neck, TMJ, or bad headaches), your regular mattress might be contributing to how bad you feel when you wake up or your pain during the day. The new mattress topper or a larger bed probably won’t help your pain. However, one type of bed that you may not have heard of might just be the solution to your problems.
Hospitals are the most common place you can find this type of bed: adjustable beds. The slight incline that they provide either at the top or bottom of the bed keeps you from contorting your body while you sleep into uncomfortable posi

What You Can Learn From The Experts About Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

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Sleep is vital for keeping healthy and energized. All to often, people are not getting the recharge they desire despite their efforts. Here are some suggestions if you’re finding yourself struggling to get enough comfortable and refreshing sleep each night.

Tip #1. Try A King Size Adjustable Bed

Did you know that if you are sleeping on a traditional, flat mattress, the natural “S” shape of your spine is not supported? Instead, the flat mattress may create gaps where your spine does not receive sufficient support. Years of sleeping without sufficient support can start to add up. If you just can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep and often wake up feeling groggy or sore, it’s possible that the problem may not be you–it may be your bed. As the average A

Consider an Adjustable Bed First

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Looking for natural ways to sleep better? Sometimes medication isn’t the answer. There are many reasons why you’re not sleeping as well as you possibly could, and before you say yes to a prescription (which may leave you feeling groggy by day or have other unpleasant side effects), perhaps you should look at the most basic issues first. For instance: do you have the right bed?
Adjustable beds and/or adjustable bed systems have come a long way since initially introduced to the market many moons ago. They now come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and designs – including with memory foam – to fit your individual needs The key to finding natural ways to sleep better at night might just be in finding the right