Northampton Man Beats Mother With Remote in Unprovoked Attack

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Television remote controls are a common device in most modern homes. In the right hands, they are a tool for relaxation and family harmony, allowing users to easily control their entertainment systems to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the level of noise and more. However, in a startling trend, it appears that this device can also be a tool of injury and abuse when placed in the wrong hands. For example, a man in Northampton, England was recently sentenced to community service after attacking his mother with one of their TV remote controls.

According to the local media, Marcin Slonina moved into his mother’s house in Northampton last year after the demise of a long-term relationship. He lived in the home for four months, reportedly growing angry and aggressive as time passed. Finally,

How to Avoid Losing Remote Controls

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Back when television remote controls were attached to TVs with a wire, no one had to worry about losing their TV remote controls or having to shop for replacement remotes. Of course, the wire model gave way to the more convenient wireless remote starting with the Flashmatic in 1955, but that ushered in a new era of problems.
The average American home contains 2.24 television sets, and over 50% of American families have four or more devices that require remotes to operate. We’re more reliant on Blu-ray, DVD and television remote controls than ever, but they’re only getting easier to lose.
So how can you a

How to Make Sure You Never Lose Your TV Remote

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TV remote controls are becoming more important as modern TVs grow more complex while phasing out buttons on the devices themselves. When you lose your remote nowadays, you might not even be able to turn your television on, or switch the input from your gaming system to cable in time for that show you want to catch.
The average TV watcher spends over two weeks searching for lost remotes over the course of their lifetime. If you’re tired of searching for television remote controls every time you want to watch something, here are some foolproof tricks for always having a remote on hand.
Have a System for Keeping Your Remote in Place

When Technology Turns On You — The TV Remote Battle

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Let’s face it: You need your TV remotes to be able to control your TV at all, since most TVs these days don’t even come with buttons on them. But as much as you rely the remotes in your house, you probably kinda hate them, in a weird way. It’s like a never-ending battle between You and The Technology. And seeing as technological advances don’t see to be slowing down any time soon, the battle will probably (definitely) only continue. So what is a human to do?
First of all, know that most TV remote controls have the tendency of getting jealous of one another. Don’t try to replace a remote with one of those silly universal remote controls that are all the rage these days; besides the fact that they usually don’t work very well, your other remotes will notice its presence immediately and proba