How Japanese Shoji Screens Can Change Your Home

Sliding japanese screens

One of the benefits of an increasingly globalized world is that it is easier than ever before to mix up your style. No longer are you limited to the same, traditional, repetitive designs you’ve seen time and time again; now, you can easily take inspiration from foreign lands and cultures simply by searching online. However, if you’re looking to incorporate an international feel into your home, an easy way to start is by adding Japanese room screens, otherwise known as Shoji screens room dividers.

Shoji screens room dividers are often considered a key element of Asian architecture: while they are usually associated with Japan, the earliest Shoji panels actually date back to the Han Dynasty in China. Shoji screens and doors eventually spread to the island of Japan, where they became well-known for their simple, clean effect. Today, Japanese screens, as they are often called, are becoming increasingly popular in Western homes due to the unique feel they bring to a room.

Modern Japanese Shoji screens are beneficial for a number of reasons: not only are they an unusual and beautiful decorating choice, but because they feature paper panels, they are a great way to soften harsh lighting in a room because that undesirable light filters through the screens. There are also a variety of ways you can use Japanese folding screens in your home: you can use them as traditional Japanese style sliding doors, as window screens, headboards for beds, or room dividers. Imagine a Shoji closet door in your bedroom, Japanese divider screens separating your bathroom, or Shoji sliding doors leading out to your porch. You can even use hanging Shoji screens as artwork on your walls. The options are truly endless.

Even better, Shoji screens are modernizing, becoming more durable and versatile for use in Western and international homes: today’s Shoji screens are available in multiple materials, including water-proof rice paper, wood, and vinyl, further increasing the ways you can use them in your home.

So, are you looking to add a unique feel to your home? Are you interested in incorporating some international inspiration? Try Japanese doors and room divider screens to add a simple, clean, and wholly global look!

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