Reasons to Donate Clothing to the American Red Cross to Positively Impact Your Community

Clothes donations

Have you ever donated to the American Red Cross? If you don?t know much about this charitable organization, that may be why you haven?t taken time to donate to their cause. There are plenty of reasons why the American Red Cross is one of the best non-profit organizations to donate to whether you?re interested in clothing donations or donating other household items. It?s always better to learn as much as possible about an organization before donating to them, that way you feel comfortable with your choice and know that your donations are going to a good place.

Interested in learning more about the American Red Cross and why you should donate to this charity? Keep reading to find out how American Red Cross clothing donations make an impact worldwide and help many people who are in need of some assistance.

How the American Red Cross Positively Impacts People Worldwide

The American Red Cross is one of the largest charities in the United States. Currently, in terms of private donations, this charity ranks the 13th largest. In 2014 alone, it receive $687 million in private donations. Since it is able to bring in so many donations from different people throughout the United States, the American Red Cross is able to help so many people.

The American Red Cross is known for being open every single day of the year. Not a holiday or weekend passes that the American Red Cross closes its doors to someone who is in need. On top of that, they are open every hour of the day. The American Red Cross knows that if someone is in need, they can?t necessarily predict when they will be in need. So, they stay open no matter what time and no matter what day to help someone when they show up seeking assistance.

There are a multitude of ways in which the American Red Cross is able to support and assist families, communities, and individuals who are in need. Of course, many people show up needing clothing and food. The American Red Cross clothing donations and food donations help with these needs of the organization. On top of that, the American Red Cross also helps those in need of blood and shelter. They do blood drives all across the country and have many shelters offering a home for those who have nowhere else to stay.

Why It Is Important for Everyone to Attempt to Give Back

After learning more about the American Red Cross and the opportunity you have to give back in so many ways, you should feel confident in selecting this charity as a place to donate to. Giving back is a great way to impact your community and those in need. That?s why, every year, around 70% of those living in the United States make an effort to donate to a charity. Whether it?s American Red Cross clothing donations or donations to another organization, giving back is always helpful.

There?s never a reason to simply throw away your clothes. When organizations like the American Red Cross can use those clothes to help people who cannot afford to buy their own clothes, you should always make the effort to donate. Unfortunately, instead of doing American Red Cross clothing donations, many people still just throw away perfectly fine clothing items. Every year, each person is estimated to throw away 10 pounds of clothes, according to the EPA.

It may take extra effort to sort through your clothes, organize your clothes into boxes and bags, and drop them off at a Red Cross donation center, but it is worth it in the long run. You can end your day knowing you did something to make a positive impact on the world. If you can?t stop by an American Red Cross donation center, there are even systems set-up for Red Cross pickup. That way you don?t even have to leave your house to donate to a charity.

Do you think you will consider donating to a charity like the American Red Cross this year? What items can you donate to those in need? Let us know in the comments about your experience giving back to your community.

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