The Art Of Homeownership How Modern Home Remodeling Is Becoming The New Standard

You’ve moved once. You’ve moved twice. You’re starting to learn about what you want and what you don’t want when it comes to a home.

Modern home remodeling is a natural conclusion to the American family that’s looking for a little something more in a new location. You want a nice neighborhood for your kids to feel safe in, sure, and it doesn’t hurt to have a thriving community to give you plenty to do on the weekends. What about building a home from scratch? Custom homes are a wonderful way to express what truly matters most to you, offering you all sorts of exterior design, interior design and amenities to choose from until the end result could only be called you.

If you’ve never invested in custom home design before, never fear. Building a home is easy when you find a contractor who’s just as interested in your dream as you are.

Real estate is doing pretty well these days, though you wouldn’t know it looking at some articles today. One piece states the art of buying a house is dead, while another goes out of its way to imply nobody even wants houses anymore. Modern homes today are another story entirely. Millennials and Baby Boomers alike are still quite invested in modern home remodeling, particularly in popular states like Florida, and the whole home makeover is just as artistic as it is financially savvy. Your luxury home is just a contractor and an agreement away.

What makes Florida so popular? Firstly, it has the highest number of interior design firms in the United States. One study found it totaled an estimated 1,500 individual businesses, meaning you won’t have to wait very long to find a new home construction contractor that’ll suit your needs. Florida is also nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’ for its incredible weather, close proximity to beaches and beautiful cities. When you want a full package to compliment your luxury home, heading to the East Coast is a very good idea.

Here are just some of the price ranges you should expect when digging around for luxury homes. The average luxury threshold price is still hovering at $975,000, while your median luxury home selling price is $1,400,000. A recent study found nearly 10% of home buyers having household incomes of $200,000 or more and, according to Christie’s International Real Estate report, the majority of luxury homes are sold within 200 days of being listed. It helps to know what to expect when diving into the grand field of real estate, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer.

Speaking of which…how much experience do you have in buying homes? If this is your first go-around, you’re in luck. The National Association Of Realtors is a wonderful resource to whet your appetite in real estate and home design. They recently released a survey concluding over 30% of home buyers are doing so for the first time. New home design isn’t just for the real estate veterans, but the new families, recently married couples and savvy individuals who want to see what modern home remodeling can do to enhance their life. Is there anything else you should know before making the plunge?

There are a plethora of homes just ripe for the picking. Data released from the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as the U.S. Department Of Housing And Urban Development, concluded over one million new homes were completed by February of 2018. Florida is an especially hot state to start digging around for modern homes. When you want to embrace the art of homeownership with an extra side of individuality, modern home remodeling is the path to take. Contractors will work with you side-by-side to design your kitchen, sculpt your backyard and transform your dream into a reality.

Ready for your whole home makeover? New homes South Tampa are waiting for you.

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