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Are You Ready to Clean Out Your Closets, Drawers, and Attic?

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The senior in high school still remembers that the white paint on the shorts came from the first church youth group work trip to MaBank, Texas. In fact, looking at the paint stains in the well worn pair of shorts help her remember the crew she worked with and the never to be repeated opportunity to buy $5 t-shirts from the school store. The green paint? Those stains remind her of the best work crew and the adult crew leader. The leader was a mother of three who only lived 70 miles from that high school senior. And those 70 miles became that senior’s first solo highway drive just so the work camp leader and the soon to be graduating senior could have a chance to catch up on all of those memories from the week she spent wearing those green and white paint stained shorts.
Favorite pieces of old clo

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

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Step back and take a look at your closet. All of those past season must-haves that you only wore a couple times are sitting on the back shelf, replaced with the next up and coming newest style. When it is that your clothes have passed their fashion peak, give them a chance to be enjoyed by someone else, as recycling and donating these items to those in need brings many benefits to all involved.
Veterans and military families are in great need for clothing donations. In 2012, the unemployment rate of veterans was a whopping 9.9%, up 2% of the national average of regular citizens, with 20.4% being veterans between the ages of 18-24. Additionally, reports from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics in March 2013 show

American Agriculture How to Contribute to this Historic American Industry

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Agriculture has long been a defining feature of our species. The first archaeological evidence of agriculture dates back to over 11,500 years ago in the Mediterranean region where wild barley, wheat and lentils were cultivated among other crops. Today there is agriculture in all 50 of the U.S. states with different crops and livestock adapting to the climate of each state. Due to its abundance of natural resources and the healthy condition of the land, the U.S. has always been primed to emerge as one of the world’s leaders in agriculture; statistics from 2011 show that the United States agriculture industry generated over $374 billion and employed over 750 thousand farmers, ranchers, and other agriculturalists across the country.
The History of Our Land
Early European colonists we

The Future Has Already Arrived You Can Donate Without Getting Up From Your Couch!

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You can use your phone to do just about anything these days — can you use it to donate used clothing as well? In Florida, this might just be possible in the near future.
According to Public News Service, the state Capitol is considering a ?Suits for Session? organization — lawmarkers, nonprofit agencies, and state employees can donate new or gentle used professional clothing. This clothing will then be given to individuals looking to re-enter the job market — but perhaps cannot afford to look the part just yet.
One Time Event Uses Uber
For now, it will likely be a one time event, and anyone in the area will be able to take part through use of Uber, a global ridesharing app and service. The service will help to prevent appropriate clothing from being an obstacle to

Are There Any Safe Online Dating Sites?

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You’ve read the news, and heard the stories, and maybe even seen the films. You’re as aware as the next person that online dating sites may be a good way to meet the next axe murderer. And yet, the convenience, the choice, the idea that you might connect up with that one perfect person out there who’s been put on this planet just for you – you’re hooked on dating websites, like millions of other people.
There are ways to make sure that your online dating site isn’t harboring dangerous types. The safest dating sites, the kind run by dads and retired law enforcement officers, actually do background checks before letting people post their profiles online. That way, there’s a good chance that what you see online is what you’re actually getting.

First, the good news

Shaping Your Religious Event to Meet Your Specific Needs

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The world is full of many different types of religions today. The United States alone is home to hundreds of different variations of religions. In fact, there is often even variation among families. People are marrying outside of their religions, producing children who may choose one of the parents religions, or may choose a different religion altogether. This can pose problems for some religions. What do you do in the event of a baptism when your significant other or your guests are not of the same religion? Sure, you can still hold the baptism in the church of your choice, but you may even be more comfortable doing it in the setting of your choice.
The baptism of your child is possible at exterior locations. For instance, you can provide the service in the comfort of your own home. You wil

The Essentials Bring Your Yard or Patio To The Next Level

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Having a backyard is one of the greatest joys of home owning. Many people truly enjoy the chance to experience the outdoors and summer light from their homes, and invest accordingly — 56% of homeowners updated their landscape to make their yards more friendly for entertaining, and 44% did it to make their yards more functional.
Indeed, having a yard, and especially a patio, can also be a chore. The constant maintenance needed to keep them looking great can be exhausting. Enlisting the help of landscapers and gardeners, or even the boy next door to mow your lawn is completely necessary a lot of the time.
In terms of serious investments however, there are only three things you really need to keep your yard looking amazing. Check them out here to get started with an amazing summer of fun: