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Keeping Your Items In Storage? 4 Helpful Tips

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Dunwoody storage
Full-service storage facilities are great for innovative storage needs. If you are considering personal storage, you should consider doing a little research before hand.
Here are some excellent tips that you should consider, which will help you with all your full-service storage needs.

Rent from a credible on-demand storage company

There are plenty of organizations that offer storage services but don’t do a good job. Make sure to talk to real people who have kept their valuable items stored at the facility in question. If they have nothing but good things to say about the Continue Reading No Comments

No One Makes Quality Furniture Better Than the Amish

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Imagine yourself buying furniture from certain box stores. You see some of the models on the showroom floor and maybe even get a chance to test them out by sitting down on the chairs or lying down on the beds. Everything seems like it will be just perfect for you until you realize you have to assemble everything on your own.

Getting furniture home in a box and trying to figure out the instructions is a huge problem for many people. Ending up with six or seven extra screws can leave one feeling very uncertain about the quality of the supposedly finished desk, table, or chair. If you are looking for quality furniture of any kind, this is not the route you want to go.

Furniture is an

How to Choose the Best Cane for Your Height

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Bariatric canes
Of the 6.8 million Americans who use an assistive device to help with their mobility about 70%, or 4.8 million, use a can exclusively. If you need a cane for walking, it is imperative that you choose the right one for you. There are many options especially in terms of materials, from carbon fiber canes to the more traditional wooden canes. Here’s how you can find your comfortable fit.

Height is the Most Important Consideration When Choosing a Cane.

When discussing the right cane for you, the fit will prove to be crucial. The fit of a cane refers to it’s height, which will be in inches of whole and half sizes. A general rule for finding the correct cane height is to measure the user’s height while they are wearing their walking shoes, and then dividing that number by two. The corresponding c

Getting Your Child Started on the Right Path, Before Kindergarten

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It could be said that the main goal of most parents is to successfully raise their children with the love, steady guidance, and wisdom that it takes to help them find their true paths to becoming the good and kind people that they are capable of being. Simplified down to such a succinct statement does not do the actual journey of being a parent justice. There is so much that goes into every single moment and decision, as you attempt to navigate the world with love and protection.

Yes, there are many books on the subject. But no one has all the answers. Every parent is different, just as every child is. What is most important is the ability, of both the child and the parent, to grow, learn, and evolve a higher understanding with an open mind. Education is a major key in development, and it can st

The Road Map to a Successful Estate Sale: Part 1

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Planning an estate sale can be difficult. That is why most professionals recommend hiring someone to help organize everything except the smallest sales. If you are planning on organizing your own estate sale, it is important that you understand the steps required for your sale to be a success.

In this two-part series, we will look at the road map to successful estate sales by highlighting the six most important milestones you need to achieve: organizing, appraising, advertising, displaying, hosting, and cleaning.

In this post, we will look at the first three, all of which should occur before the day of the sale.

Organizing The first step when hosting an estate sale is to organize your items. Go through the items to be sold and create a complete inventory. Take special care to note which items are damaged and if that damage is repairable. Also, keep an inventory of the items you don’t plan on selling. These lists will become invaluable, allowing you the ultimate organizational resource later down the line. They will allow you to keep track of what needs mending, what’s been sold, and what might need to be repriced over the course of your sale.

Appraising Estate appraisal services are an invaluable tool when it comes time to set the prices. While some items you will be able to determine the price of simply by visiting another estate sale, there are other items that can be more — or less — valuable than you realize.

Estate sales are prime spots for professional collectors, who often arrive hours before the scheduled start of a sale to stake out the best deals and rarest items. While you want to be pricing fairly, you should also ensure that your ignorance is not being exploited.

Professional appraisals will assist you in determining the full value of your products and help you determine a price that reflects your possessions’ value.

Advertising After you have the appraisals, you can begin advertising. You can’t sell anything if no one shows up, after all. Taking high-quality photos and using the information for the appraisals to create top quality fliers, internet advertisements, and social media posts can really help your efforts towards a successful estate sale. This concludes our first post in this series. To learn more about how to plan a successful estate sale, look for the second half in this series.

How Having a Dirty Home Can Affect Your Health and How You Can Fix It

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House cleaning clearwater fl
We all try our best to keep our homes orderly, but sometimes things just get out of hand. Between punishing work schedule, ferrying the kids to and from their extracurricular activities, and social or personal obligations, it can seem almost impossible to find the time to keep your home as clean as it should be. However, keeping your home neat and tidy has all kinds of benefits — from your health to your emotional and mental state and almost 90% of women believe that a clean home is a reflection of one’s self. So what can you do? Stop feeling guilty and apologizing for the mess when friends, family, or acquaintances stop by. Consider hiring house cleaning services or hiring a maid service. There

Video Surveillance Systems Help Property Owners Keep an Eye on Their Second Homes

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Security cameras harrisonburg va
If the crimes and petty thefts are indicators at all, now is definitely the time to install a video surveillance system in your home. Your once quiet and safe suburban neighborhood seems to increasingly be a site of break ins, burglaries, and botched attempts to steal copper tubing and other valuable metals.
At first, it was difficult to tell if you were just hearing about more things because of the neighborhood website that connects everyone within about a mile radius. The fact that both of your neighbors have had things stolen from their garage and the backyard in the last week, however, is an indicator that you need to break down and do

When to Visit an Urgent Care Clinic Rather Than a Traditional Hospital Emergency Room

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Urgent care clinic
Urgent care medicine is a growing specialty, and there are currently 20,000 physicians that practice within this area of medicine. Some of the facilities within which urgent care medicine is practiced are a combination of both urgent care clinics and emergency room services.
Americans have a history of relying on the type of care provided by emergency rooms, which includes 24-hour access. Over the past decade, this has resulted in a 22% increase in emergency room visits.
Milliman recently conducted a private study that showed roughly 44% to 65% of emergency room visits could have been handled in an urgent care facility. As a result of this, patients are having to pay higher costs to receive the same type of care that could be provided at urgent care and clinics.
The RAND Corporation cond

Inside the Party Planner’s Box of Tricks

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Party equipment rentals
Planning a party can be a stressful experience, especially if you do not know where to start. If you wish you could see inside a party planner’s box of tricks, wish no more. These handy tips and tricks will help you plan your perfect event, whether it is the wedding of your dreams or a sweet sixteen to make the neighbors green with envy.
The Right Stuff
While not every function needs to be right on trend, it is important to ensure that your party does not end up feeling dated, especially give the hefty price tags that often accompany our most special events. On average, a wedding cost more than $26,000 in 2012, while a bar or bat mitzvah can see the host splash out as much as $30,000 and a sweet sixteen between $300 and $25,000. Ensuring that you know what will give the wow factor with

Private High Schools Are Proven To Set Higher Academic Standards Why Your Teen Should Enroll

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Private schools elementary

High school isn’t an easy time for teenagers. They’re going through hormonal changes, struggling through the expectations set for them and, perhaps most frustratingly, are attempting to prepare for a future involving college. When you add in learning disabilities, mental illness and various life factors into the mix, school can gradually be associated with nothing but stress whether you like it or not. Public schools are starting to fall out of favor in light of private schools and the benefits they offer children of all shapes and sizes. If your child is ready to enter high school or is perhaps growing frustrated with their environment, you’ll be intere