Furniture Solutions for a Cluttered Home

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Choosing Amish furniture means you are choosing quality. Every piece of Amish furniture is completely made by hand. However, you can have furniture that doubles as a functional storage solution. It is common for homes to become a little overrun with clutter. If you prefer an outdoor solution, it is recommended to check out quality made Amish barns. In this post, you will learn more about which pieces of Amish furniture works well for storing items inside the home.

  • Chests: A handmade Amish chest can store treasured items for years to come. There are many different types of chests to choose from. You might prefer the ease of a chest with multiple drawers. If you’re planning on storing larger items, there are chest without drawers available.

    Wooden chests can be made from a wide variety of wood. You will find wooden chests are usually made from oak, maple, hickory, and cherry. Some chests are made with the inclusion of cushion space. This cushion adds an extra seat to a room which can really come in handy.

  • Desks: Some are not aware that the Amish create computer desks. You will find the quality of Amish workmanship extends to fully functional office furniture. These desks can usually be built in only about eight weeks.

    Desks are great for storage space for documents and other important office supplies. The sturdy shelves of Amish computer desks work well for keeping cords out of sight. A secretary desk features a movable door for extra functionality.

  • Bookcases: It is hard to find a piece of wooden furniture more elegant than a bookcase. Recent research shows that 67 percent of people feel furniture choices say a lot about someone. Having a bookcase is great for displaying a treasured collection of books.
  • Hutches: A hutch is a piece of handmade furniture that is part storage and part display. Hutches work especially well in rooms that need items properly on display. Doors on a hutch can be built with or without window panels.
  • In closing, there are many pieces of Amish furniture that add storage space to a home. Chests are great for adding storage in an attic. These chests can also be used as storage and seating for a cluttered bedroom. Desks are great for adding Amish quality to any office. You can store your treasured books from years past in a handmade Amish bookcase. Hutches are also a great piece of furniture for storage solutions while also being able to display items.

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